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"If ever there was a woman whose voice could leave you spell-bound, it’s Brisbane pop songstress Aubrielle"
- Music Is My Muse


Aubrielle is a performing artist, screen composer, songwriter and music producer from Meanjin (Brisbane), Australia. Influenced by artists such as Ruelle, Tommee Profitt and Fleurie her cinematic sound combines pop sensibilities, atmospheric orchestras, heavy drums, and electronic elements.


Aubrielle often co-writes with other music artists, helping them to draw out the stories of their songs lyrically and sonically.  Her most recent composition work is featured in the Australian short film 'Cinema, Too' and she is currently writing and recording music for release in 2024. 




(DEMO) CraveAubrielle
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(DEMO) Underwater Structures Japan - Documentary Trailer(DEMO)Aubrielle
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'Paige's Triumph' (Cinema, Too Theme)

Paige's Triumph (Cinema, Too Theme)
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Co-writing examples

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